Ghost Looking for its Spirit / 2012 /
"Ghost Looking for its Spirit" tries to raise questions of failure and faith in Karl Marx's ideas through a personal narrative of an immigrant from the former USSR.

"Ghost Looking for its Spirit" (2012) uses personal narrative to explore failure and faith of Marx's ideas. It opens on a small person in blue overalls standing under the monument to Karl Marx in Chemnitz, former East Germany. Then it cuts to the same character, the worker Karl, pushing a giant steel wool beard through a small American town. While the worker pushes the beard by a ubiquitous Wal-Mart and McDonald's, the voice over recalls a personal history of growing up in the Soviet Union, and asks Marx for answers about failure, hope, doubts and convictions. Using the realm of aesthetics to work out questions of possibility, the video acknowledges fragmentation of concepts like labor, class, and identity. The video ends with footage of the sculpture set aflame by the Worker as the camera pans to a small building with a sign that reads 'Solidarity'.