Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis / 2010 /
"Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis" explores intricate balance between illusory and lived experience through physical objects. Using raw materiality of sculpture as a form of mediation, the works in this show become hybrids of photography, 3d rendering, and video.

In "On the Quality of Being Honeyed" a video of a fly traversing grapes is projected onto a sculpture. At a certain point the video expands in attempt to overlay the sculptural form with its corresponding image, but inevitably fails to create a perfect match. The piece titled "RGB Hunter Gatherer", comes to being as a set of axes borrowed from 3D rendering environment, twin-like, it is permanently locked to its own double. As a small detail, a tiny computer cursor is embedded in the amber form mimicking a pre-historic insect. In "1860-1861", a life-size mud pool converges directness of a landscape, and a lens flare referenced from photography.