Imaginary Conditions / 2009
Inspired by Soviet upbringing, "Imaginary Conditions" is a grouping of works that explore uncertainty of everyday, desire for escape, and instability of an establishment. Staging psychological dimension of ideology through existing and altered architecture, these objects and environments trigger subtle shifts in viewer's perception. In "How to Fly a Brick", cast and real bricks rattle and even fly in a small constructed room. "How to Start a Revolution" reveals a tiny animation of a white flag inside an altered surveillance mirror. A glass chain-link fence is suspended from the ceiling, serving as a ledge for a disembodied hand in the piece titled "How to Get Away". Borrowed from a famous photograph of Sigmund Freud, the hand holds a cigar, pointing in the direction of a room containing another piece "How to Trap A Sunset". There, an oversized light box casts a silent flickering glow onto aluminum frame of a chaise longue stripped of its fabric.